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RIATest uses RIAScript language test scripts. Basic language elements in RIAScript are the same as in ActionScript. You can declare and assign values to variables, make function calls, write conditional and loop statements.

The following topics describe in more details the features of the RIAScript language.


Data Types




RIAScript built-in objects

Array - Array is an indexed list of objects.

Boolean - Represents a logical entity and consists of exactly two unique values. One is called true and the other is called false.

CSVStream - CSVStream object is used for reading and writing CSV files.

Clipboard - provides functions to access the system clipboard.

Date - Represents a calendar date and time.

FileStream - FileStream object is used for reading and writing files.

Flex - Flex object is used for grouping Flex related top-level script functions.

Global - A unique global object, which is created before control enters any execution context. Methods and properties of Global object are accessible directly from script.

Html - object to group HTML-related top-level functions.

HtmlLocator - used for referencing HTML UI objects. See how Locators are used in the script.

Image - Bitmap image object.

Keyboard - Keyboard object defines the list of key codes and keyboard-related functions.

Locator - Locator is used for referencing application components. See how Locators are used in the script.

Math - Miscellaneous math functions.

Number - Represents the double-precision 64-bit format IEEE 754 values.

Object - An unordered collection of properties each of which contains a primitive value or another object.

Path - Path object is used for working with file system paths.

Process - Process object is used to launch and/or terminate external processes.

RegExp - RegExp object is used for regular expression based pattern matching.

Results - Results object to work with execution results.

Screen - Screenshot functions.

String - Represents a Unicode character string.

SysLocator - SysLocator is used for referencing system UI components [Windows only].

UIDUtil - Functions to work with unique identifiers (UID).

XML - Represents XML objects.

XMLList - Represents list of XML objects.

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