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Can I query SQL databases from RIATest?

RIATest has no built-in support for database querying. A third-party project to allow database access from RIATest scripts has been produced by Maxim Porges. For more details see riatest-integrator project. Make sure you read this post from the author.

Do I need to compile with RIATestAgent3.swc or RIATestAgent4.swc?

Compile Flex 2 applications with RIATestAgent2.swc only, Flex 3 applications with RIATestAgent3.swc only, Flex 4 applications with RIATestAgent4.swc only and Flex 4.5 applications with RIATestAgent45.swc only.

Does RIATest support applications written with Flex 3 or Flex 4?

Yes, RIATest supports Flex 3 and Flex 4 applications, including Spark components.

Does RIATest support commands like verifyNot, for example, verifyNotEqual?

You can negate any condition using the ! operator.

For example to verify that a button is not present you can do the following:


To verify that the value of a property is not equal to some other value use the operator !=

For example:

verify(FlexButton("myButton")=>fontSize != 10);

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