Integration FAQs

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Can RIATest be used for testing a hybrid Flex application?

Starting from version 5.0 RIATest supports automation of HTML pages. You can use this new functionality to automate HTML parts of your mixed application.

From version 4.0 on RIATest supports automation of any Windows application (including browsers) via UI Automation API. You can use this new functionality to automate non-Flex and non-HTML parts of your mixed/hybrid application. For a sample usage of Windows automation in RIATest see Handling Windows dialogs.

Can RIATest output test case results in JUnit format?

Yes, starting from version 4.1 RIATest can output results in JUnit format. See for example how to use it to integrate with Hudson.

Can we launch our application against Tomcat?

It does not matter exactly how your application is being served to the browser (via Tomcat or any other way). As soon as your application is loaded in the browser and it is allowed to make outgoing TCP connections it will work.

How to call RIATest from Apache Ant?

You can use Ant's built-in exec task to call RIATest from your ant projects. For example:

<target name="test" description="test the project">  
  <property environment="env"/> 
  <exec dir="." executable="${env.RIATEST5}\riatest.exe" failonerror="true"> 
    <arg line="/b /r /p Components.rtp"/> 

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