Licensing and Support

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Do you have any provision for a floating license?

Yes, please read more about licensing.

Does the license key expire? Will I need to renew at anytime?

If you have purchased a RIATest license your license key will never expire. If you have been given a temporary license for demonstration or other purposes it will expire at the set date.

I get a "License not present. With trial version only limited replays are allowed" message.

The message that you see is not coming from RIATest.

You get this message because your application is compiled using the Trial version or Standard Edition of Flex/Flash Builder. You will need to compile the application using Flex Builder 3 Professional Edition or Flash Builder 4 Premium Edition.

This is not our limitation, it comes from Adobe.

Note: it is not sufficient to merely install Flex/Flash Builder on your computer.

Please make sure you activated your Flex/Flash Builder with a Professional/Premium edition license key and recompiled your application with Flex automation libraries and RIATest Agent using this activated copy of Flex/Flash Builder.

Once I purchase a license, do I get all the future updates or subsequent releases for free?

Our upgrade policy is that minor version upgrades and hot fixes are free. For example if you buy version 5.0 then version 5.1 will be free however version 6.0 will not.

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