RIATest License Server

RIATest License Server

If you are using floating user licenses you must use RIATest License Server to control access to your licenses. License Server stores your floating licenses and grants them to users running RIATest instances from their computers. When an instance of RIATest is run on a user's computer it connects to License Server and requests an appropriate license (depending on whether it is run in IDE or batch mode). License Server checks stored licenses and if a license is available grants it to the requester.

Installing License Server

RIATest License Server must be installed on a computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system, however both Windows and Mac-based RIATest users can use this License Server to request their licenses. Download License Server installation program and follow the installation steps.

License Server is implemented as a Windows service. It starts automatically at Windows startup and runs in the background. A separate License Server Monitor application allows you to connect to License Server locally, manage it, see installed licenses, view currently connected RIATest instances etc.

RIATest License Server listens for license requests on TCP port 2179. If you have a firewall, make sure you allow RIATest License Server to accept connections on this port and RIATest clients to send outgoing requests to this port.

Configuring License Server

After you have installed the License Server, launch the License Server Monitor application and enter the floating license keys that you received with your order. The License Server will store the license keys and will be ready to serve the licenses to RIATest clients.

Configuring RIATest Clients

When License Server is installed and configured you then need to configure RIATest clients installed on user computers. Run RIATest IDE and select the Help|Registration menu, then select "Floating License", enter the IP address or host name of the computer where you installed the License Server and click OK. RIATest will attempt to connect and acquire a license. If it succeeds you will see a confirmation message. If the connection is successful, RIATest will remember the License Server location and will automatically connect to it on subsequent runs to acquire a license.

License Granting

When a RIATest client connects to License Server it requests a license. The type of the license requested depends on the mode RIATest is running. If you want to run RIATest IDE it will request a Professional Edition license. If you want to run RIATest in batch mode it will request a Runner license. License Server will attempt to grant the requested license type if one is available. If a Professional license was requested and none are available, the request will be denied. If a Runner license was requested and none are available but there is an available Professional license, it will be granted to the requestor.

The license is granted to a RIATest client for as long as it is running. When the RIATest client is closed, the license is released and is ready to be granted to another RIATest instance. If a RIATest client connects to License Server and requests a license but none are available and the request is denied then RIATest will close and will refuse to work.


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